Sydney Sweeney Wrote a ‘Complicated’ Script During Lockdown – IndieWire

Sydney Sweeney is adding the title of screenwriter to her multi-hyphenate talents.

The “Euphoria” and “White Lotus” Emmy nominee revealed in a Variety cover story that she wrote a screenplay during the COVID lockdown. However, the script most likely will not be brought to the big screen anytime soon.

“I think it was a little too complicated for people to wrap their heads around,” Sweeney said. “It was cool and it was beautiful and it was bittersweet, but I look at it now as just a really cool exercise that I had for myself.”

The actress, who is making her producing debut with upcoming rom-com “Anyone but You” under her Fifty-Fifty production banner, added that she finds “power in my femininity” and defying expectations based on her appearance in Hollywood.

“I use my brain, and I use everything that I’m learning every single day in this industry as my power,” Sweeney said. “Knowledge is everything…I really enjoy being in a room with men in suits and kind of shocking them.”


Sweeney is set to star in “Immaculate” and a remake of “Barbarella,” which Jane Fonda formerly portrayed onscreen. She’s also playing Julia Carpenter, the Marvel Comics character who becomes Spider-Woman, in Sony’s Marvel entry “Madame Web,” out February 14 next year.

Sweeney added that watching late director Jean-Marc Vallée on set of 2018 HBO limited series “Sharp Objects” also inspired her to consider directing.

“I was there as many days as I possibly could. I was like, ‘I want to do this,’” the “Reality” actress said. “I just didn’t know if people would even listen to me.”

Sweeney previously told IndieWire’s Marcus Jones that she seeks out roles that are unexpected.

“It definitely feels like people are paying attention and I like to find projects and characters that put people on their toes and don’t really expect to see from me. That’s what makes it exciting,” she said, adding of portraying Reality Winner in the Emmy-nominated HBO film, “We all have good and bad and right and wrong choices in us, and good thoughts and bad thoughts and highs and lows. So I want to find all of those complexities that make a human. And especially a woman, we have so many layers to us.”

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