Arcturus Named Go-To-Market Partner for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios

Arcturus, a leader in volumetric video technology, announced today that it has been selected as the go-to-market partner for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios (MRCS) solutions, which will bring its complete end-to-end capture solution to content creators. Productions will now be able to leverage the power of volumetric video through Arcturus’s advanced 3D capture and reconstruction systems, paired with an award-winning editing and streaming tool, with support of its experienced volumetric team.

MRCS software provides a high-quality capture solution featuring 100 cameras working in unison to capture a subject in motion from multiple angles. The data is processed by reconstruction software to create high-quality, photorealistic 3D video for use in anything from VFX to live broadcasts to MR.

In the coming months, the MRCS technology will integrate with Arcturus’ HoloSuite tools allowing users to edit the captured data. Users can then stream a compressed version to any device without loss of quality, within the same pipeline.

“Arcturus has obsessed over MR and volumetric video for a decade, and our primary goal has always been to advance the state of volumetric production as a whole,” said Arcturus CEO Kamal Mistry. “The MRCS technology gives us the opportunity to work with some of the best creators and studios in the world. By partnering with them, we will find comprehensive solutions that can help make volumetric technology more accessible, while introducing more options for how to use it.”

Arcturus will pair creators who are looking to volumetric video for use on a specific project or campaign with a licensed MRCS studio. Users can also work directly with Arcturus and its own in-house solution built around MRCS and HoloSuite technology.

In addition, Arcturus can support studios interested in becoming MRCS partners with licensing and expertise to set up a studio from scratch or to adapt an existing one. On-site consultants can lead clients through the installation and construction process and continue to offer on-demand support.

In the ongoing support for MRCS licensees, Arcturus is boosting its R&D efforts focused on advancing volumetric video. The addition of capture and reconstruction technologies will further accelerate its work, including the use of AI to improve capture quality while using fewer cameras.

Arcturus remains committed to its work as a member of the Volumetric Format Association, supporting the volumetric video production ecosystem. The company continues developing and evolving tools that are capture-agnostic, including HoloSuite, which empowers creators working with volumetric data from any provider.

Source: Arcturus

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